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Track-n-Trace Investigations is a dedicated team of private investigators serving Birmingham, Alabama. Our team has the expertise to make your case a success. Your case is important to you. Rest assured, it’s important to us too. You can rely on Track-n-Trace Investigations to provide the skill and experience your case needs.

Background Checks In Birmingham Alabama

Birmingham is the largest city in the state. As a result, strong competition stares down your business. You have to be quick on your feet to stay ahead in a swiftly changing market. Being able to rapidly adapt to this environment is key to growing your business. A larger pool of potential candidates to choose from, makes selection more time consuming and may give rise to fears that your new hires are not who they claim to be. If this is the case, a background check from Track-n-Trace Investigations can set your mind at ease.

Private Investigators and Background Checks

When conducting a background check, our private investigators meticulously piece together what they know about an individual. This ensures that they have a strong base from which to gain a better understanding of them. From there, our team gets to work expanding upon these details.

Birmingham Alabama Background Check Investigations

Our investigation includes a detailed breakdown of an individual’s habits. How do they spend their free time? Do they frequent bars? Who do they acquaint themselves with? Answering questions such as these are key to putting together the entire picture. By establishing habits of the individual, we are able to determine where to expand our search. Finding places of interest often leads to persons of interest. Who a person socializes with can tell a lot about their own personality. Determining this helps us create a profile of our subject.

Criminal Records

We check criminal records as part of our investigation. This allows us to answer several questions. For one, if the subject has a criminal record, we want to know why. Prior arrests or drug activity paints a very bleak picture of an individual’s character. White collar crimes such as fraud cast doubt on the trustworthiness of the subject. However, it is important to note that this is just one facet of the larger investigation. A prior criminal record does not necessarily convey intent going forward. Many people clean up their lives after a conviction. They may reinvent themself as an upstanding member of society. For this reason, our team considers this evidence then digs deeper to find additional context.

Our investigators go the extra mile to ensure that you get the most detailed information possible. Our thorough investigations provide actionable data that you can use to make an informed decision. Through hard work and apt intuition, we piece together the smallest of clues to build a full picture of someone’s true character.

Background Checks on Contractors

A background check is a great way to vet contractors. You need to be sure that you are not employing fly by night scam artists who will leave your pockets empty and your work unfinished. Fraudsters are skilled at concealing their nefarious pasts. They may be involved in court cases, have liens placed against them or have served jail time. Don’t be their next victim. Our private investigators gather the clues to ensure that you know exactly who you’re employing.

Birmingham Alabama Skip Tracing Services

Many people do not wish to be found.  Disappearing is possible even with the abundance of technology in today’s society.  Some people take extreme measures to conceal their identity.  They may change addresses, their daily habits and even their name if it means avoiding justice.  In these cases, our investigators step in to ensure that they cannot remain hidden.

Our investigations cover all aspects of the individual’s life. We start with whatever data points are freely available, current and previous places of employment, addresses, and friends. Working off this information, we begin to construct a picture of the subject’s habits. We take this rough sketch and find points to work from. The work we perform to expand the investigation takes several forms. For one, we utilize an extensive list of exclusive databases to help pinpoint more detailed information. Doing so allows us to locate associates, educational history and other details which give us a better picture of an individual.

In the process, we also check to see if the individual has an online presence, specifically social media accounts. Once identified, these accounts provide a wealth of information for our private investigators. Utilizing advanced web scraping tools, we quickly gather lists of posts made by the individual and their web of friends. We use this information to quickly identify new points of interest in our investigation.

Then, our investigators hit the streets. Their aim is to cover several different aspects of the case. They might stake out locations or follow vehicles. They may also set up hidden cameras or conduct interviews. The information gathered at this point is much more in-depth. By performing work in the field, our Birmingham, Alabama private investigators provide a detailed look into the subject’s life.

GPS Tracking in Birmingham, AL

If you need a vehicle tracked, the dedicated private investigations team at Track-N-Trace Investigations is there for you. We have experience in all the intricacies of GPS tracking. Our experienced private investigators are well versed in the covert installation and removal of tracking devices.

Birmingham Alabama GPS Tracking Laws

GPS tracking is not without restrictions. The most important thing to note is that the person requesting the tracking must have the vehicle’s title in their own name. This means that you cannot track your neighbors, your associates or a boyfriend/girlfriend. Therefore, GPS tracking is an ideal tool for some situations, but not the right choice for others.


Infidelity cases are often perfect candidates for GPS tracking. The vehicle in question is often in possession of both the client and the target. This provides us with a unique opportunity. Especially considering how affairs are generally carried out, the ability to track the subject’s vehicle is extremely useful. The idea of it being tracked isn’t often considered. As a result, the individual’s habits are rarely modified and therefore, provide a wealth of clues.

They might claim that they are working overtime. However, a quick glance at the GPS may show them driving in the opposite direction. The use of GPS tracking makes them easy to locate and in turn, even easier to assess what they are really doing.

Child Custody

When applicable, GPS tracking is a boon in child custody cases. In such investigations, our aim is to prove that a subject is unfit to have custody of their children. This can be for a multitude of reasons. Maybe there are drugs or alcohol involved. We have worked many cases in which a parent has fallen in with the wrong crowd. Often, they get into drug dealing as a means to make some quick cash or drink to excess and are unable to provide proper care. These dangerous behaviors put your children at risk.

Maybe they aren’t who they were when you met them. Many people are good at hiding who they truly are or morph into someone those around them no longer recognize. They may put on a facade and pretend to be the perfect husband or wife until they’re not. Drugs and alcohol only serve to fuel this situation. As a result, you fear for both the safety of yourself and your children. Unfortunately, courts do not work off hearsay. They require hard evidence before revoking custody. Our Birmingham, Alabama private investigators provide the hard evidence needed to prove your case.

Dishonest Employees

GPS tracking is a common tool in these cases. While we can’t track the employee’s personal vehicle, Alabama GPS tracking laws allow private investigators to track company-owned vehicles. This provides many insights which you would otherwise not have access to. Do your vehicles depart from their predetermined routes? Where do they go? Our team uses the data gathered from our GPS tracking efforts and combines it with additional research. Using this data, we track down and can prove where the vehicle went as well as who brought it there.

A company vehicle often found in front of bars is a reason for concern, butt this is far from the only place you should be worried about. Vehicles are often repurposed for uses that you didn’t approve. An employee may use their lenient schedule to run errands. In even worse cases, your vehicle can become a transport mechanism for drugs and other contraband.

Technology Opens New Doors

Our car tracking services get you the information you need. Utilizing our high tech GPS tracking infrastructure, we keep tabs on individuals who don’t want to be found. Often, these people will make every effort to conceal their whereabouts. They may skip town, quit their job or even change their name. However, what many people don’t expect is that their own car can be used as a tool against them.

Dangers of GPS Tracking

The installation and removal of GPS trackers are by far one of the most dangerous times during these cases. It’s the one situation in which the investigator needs to get close to the vehicle. Doing so puts them at risk. Chances are high that if the target’s vehicle is somewhere, the target is not far away. To limit their exposure, our investigators are trained in the quick installation and removal of these trackers. Reducing the amount of time that they are near the vehicle is key.

To do so, they look at several aspects. The first is the individual’s habits. When do they work? When do they sleep? These questions help narrow down the best time to perform the installation or removal. From there, our investigators look at the layout of the area. Is the car in a driveway or a parking lot? Is there a plausible reason for being near the vehicle?

Birmingham Alabama GPS Tracking as part of a Larger Investigation

Car tracking is often performed as one part of a larger investigation. Generally, there’s more involved such as process service for an upcoming court case. This may be fore reasons such as child custody, alimony or divorce. Whatever the reason, the data gathered plays a major role in our investigations. This information allows us to establish patterns, confirm alibis and locate persons and places of interest.

This information plays a key role in establishing patterns. We are able to locate people and places of interest that we are then able to further investigate. Does the car sit outside of a particular residence for long periods of time? This may be the sign of an affair. Does it sit for long periods of time in an unfamiliar area? This may be a sign that something else is going on that needs to be investigated.

Process Service in Jefferson County

Requirements of a Birmingham Alabama Process Server

Process service is a delicate job. It takes someone with skills in several areas. For one, a process server must be able to handle confrontation. When service is performed, the legal documents must be directly handed to the person being served. This interaction is typically recorded by hidden body cam. This is required to ensure that there is 100% proof that the individual is made aware of a pending lawsuit.

Hard Work is the Key to Success

Individuals often attempt to claim ignorance. This is why a process server must be meticulous in their work. Thorough documentation describing every step of the process serves two purposes. For one, it ensures that the client knows what they are paying for. Additionally, it also provides a comprehensive log of the entire process. This is invaluable in court. A well documented serve is airtight proof that a defendant knows exactly what the charges are and therefore, cannot claim ignorance.

Servers must also be willing to push themselves both mentally and physically.  Process serving is rarely as simple as showing up at an individual’s house and handing them papers.  It requires thorough research.  This research is particularly useful in cases where the subject is on the run.

How a Private Investigator Makes a Difference

When this happens, our Birmingham Alabama private investigators go to work. Our aim is to identify the right time to make the serve. There are many different routes to follow to determine this.

Jump starting an Investigation

Often, the first thing we check is social media. This provides a wealth of information regarding an individual’s habits and associations. Many people find the allure of social media too tempting to give up. Although they may be hiding from process servers, they still make updates for their friends. These posts provide a wealth of information which our investigators can pull from.

Even if the subject doesn’t make the posts themselves, their friends and associates might accidentally slip up. A single photo or status update is all it takes to put our investigators on the right track. During the course of our investigation, we build out this information to gain more insight into who the target is

Their social media posts give us an idea of where to focus our efforts. If we see that they spend a lot of time in a particular restaurant or bar, so do we. Our private investigators spend time getting to see who the suspect knows and what their routines are. Specifically, they are looking to identify any spots in which the suspect does not have an easy route to evade service. The strict limitations placed on process servers means that we must be diligent in choosing the best situation to attempt a serve.

Dangers of Process Service

Service causes tensions to hit an all-time high. Some subjects try to run. Others become violent. It’s important to pick a process server who can keep a level head in these situations. After the serve, the server’s top concern is safely removing them self from the area. They must not allow emotions to control their actions. Deescalating the situation requires calm and collected decision making. Overreactions can lead to injuries and even death.

Birmingham AL Loss Prevention Investigator

If you have a growing business in Birmingham, you may have fears about theft and robbery. If so, our private detectives are who you need to ensure the longevity of your livelihood. Our commissioned security guards train to keep your customers, employees and merchandise safe.

What is Loss Prevention?

Criminals constantly probe for ways to steal what is rightfully yours. This is particularly true in large cities. With so many people in a small area there are many reasons why this is the case. For one, the larger population means a larger number of potential criminals on the streets. On the other hand, this also means that these people have large crowds to quickly disappear into. With the heavy foot traffic your business receives, now is the time to ensure that you have the protection you need.

How Does Track-N-Trace Make the Difference?

If you’re looking for experience Birmingham Alabama security guards, you may be wondering which company is right for you. There are many different reasons to choose Track-N-Trace Investigations. For one, our team has been working security on behalf of companies for many years. In that time they have developed a wealth of knowledge and learned the best ways to handle tense situations. Much of our work requires us to keep a cool head in a dangerous situation. Developing this essential skill allows us to keep a bad situation for getting even worse.

Also, we are experts at blending in. This skill pays off greatly in security services. Our team is able to be a show of force when necessary. Additionally, we scale back and look like one of the crowd when it suits the situation.

Bug Sweeps for Birmingham Alabama

If you have fears that you are being spied on, let us put your fears to rest. Our team is experienced in the intricacies of performing bug sweeps on both residences as well as businesses.

What Do Bug Sweeps Find?

When performing a bug sweep, our private investigators aim to locate any sort of hidden device placed on your premises. These devices are typically either microphones or video cameras. We work by assessing high risk areas and work our way out from there.

Active Bugs

An active bug transmits back to its handler. This can be done via a number of methods. Some bugs use wifi, others use their own dedicated 4G connection. Our team sniffs out both using radio frequency detectors. With these devices, we are able to see when the device is phoning home. Following this beacon, we can narrow down where the bug is located.

Passive Bugs

Bugs which do not phone home are harder to track. They are meant to be retrieved by the person who placed them and do not broadcast their presence. Therefore, locating them requires using a Non-linear Junction Detector. Using this device, we bounce concentrated radio frequency waves in specific areas. Electronic devices are picked up by this device, almost like detecting metal.

Wire Taps

Detecting wire taps requires the use of a time domain reflectometer. A TDR allows us to quickly locate taps placed on phone lines. It works almost as a radar. By sending pulses of electricity up a phone line, it is able to detect the presence of any listening devices based on the echo it receives. From there, we work to isolate the area of the line where the bug is.

Hidden Cameras

The methodology behind detecting hidden cameras is two-fold. Hidden cameras can be detected by using the methodologies for both active and passive bugs listed above. However, private investigators have another tool in their arsenal to flush them out. Using a hidden camera detector, our team detects the glint of the camera’s lens. These devices work by flooding the area in question with a red LED light. Then, by utilizing a filter which only allows red light to pass, the lens will light up.

How a Bug Sweep is Performed

A bug sweep is a methodical process. it is important to be meticulous and detailed. Our team conducts a detailed visual search before we ever get any tools out. There are several things which we look for at this time. The first are any obvious tell-tale signs of surveillance activity. This includes things such as damaged drywall, tape on walls or disturbed dust in hard to reach areas. At this time, we take inventory of all potential problem places which require a more thorough search. Then we get to work. We search vents for hidden cameras, check under desks, potted plants, within bookshelves and other potential hiding spots for other nefarious devices.

Once our search is complete, we take stock in the situation. Based on our client’s needs we will either remove the bugs, or leave them in place if a facade needs to be maintained. From there we are able to provide additional investigative services if the need arises.

Best Courier Services in Jefferson County

Some items are too important to lose. Whether they are court documents, corporate secrets or other essential documents or items, our team has the expertise you need. Our team often delivers high security items. In these cases we provide a thorough and well documented process from start to finish. We eliminate all uncertainty through our attention to detail and utmost dependability.

Thorough Documentation Gives You The Assurance You Need

If you want to make absolutely sure that your parcel makes it to its destination, our courier service provides the assurance you need. We thoroughly document the process and ensure that you can trace the delivery of your parcel from start to finish. Whether you need documentation in writing or photos, rely on us to get it done. We’re confident that we can make your parcel delivery go as smoothly as possible.

Reliable Private Investigators In Birmingham, Alabama

Track-N-Trace Investigations is dedicated to serving you. We provide a range of affordable and reliable services including GPS Tracking, skip tracing, process serving and background checks.

Let our experienced team of private detectives get you the closure you need. If you need a private investigator team in Birmingham or anywhere else in Alabama, give us a call.

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