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Shoplifting’s Hidden Cost

As Alabama grows, its need for reliable security services continues to increase. Retailers lose billions to shoplifters every year. Stolen merchandise and return fraud affects your business and your profit margins. Because of this, small businesses are especially vulnerable. Without the revenue from stolen items, your business could potentially find itself in financial trouble. Ultimately, these losses can put you out of business.

Loss Prevention Cases in Alabama

In 2019, a team of shoplifters repeatedly stole from a Huntsville, Alabama beauty supply store. Multiple criminals entered the store and proceeded to divert the staff’s attention away from the crime in progress. The thieves then had ample time to take the merchandise and make their escape. They were able to exit the store and elude capture in the crowded Huntsville streets.

In another example, a pair of Huntsville, Alabama Walmart stores, faced a serial shoplifter who stole everything from pocket knives to a laptop and projector. The man was even brazen enough to risk prying open a display case just to steal these items. As the man was working alone, one would expect that he would be less effective in committing his crimes, but with no one around to monitor the situation, time was on his side. A trained Alabama security officer could have prevented this theft.

In our own hometown of Oneonta, Alabama, a recent shoplifting incident at a local Walmart ended in the death of one of the suspects when they attempted to flee the scene. Had a loss prevention officer been present, this situation could have been better controlled before things escalated.

Dishonest Employee

A dishonest employee can also wreak havoc on your business. While a good background check will help to eliminate potential trouble, a good thief can hide their true intentions until they’re behind the counter. Employers naturally trust their employees, and in many cases cameras do little to prevent their crimes. Are they just restocking the shelves, or is something more sinister going on?

In 2019, a Huntsville, Alabama company ousted their CEO after his embezzlement of millions of dollars was discovered. If someone that high up in a company could turn out to be untrustworthy, what does that say for other potential hires? Employing a loss prevention specialist may help to alleviate these types of situations.

The Solution

When your guard is down, shoplifters know it. Thieves find blind spots in your security system. They learn when your employees are on the floor. They will map out your exits. Before you know it, they are in and out, taking your profits with them.

Professional security services can help your business. Leveraging their expertise, a well-trained guard can protect your employees as well as your property. They are able to perform their job effectively all while operating within Alabama state laws. Their presence alone is enough to make potential criminals think twice before they act. They can also work undercover to flush out a sticky-fingered employee.

Protect What’s Yours With Track-N-Trace Investigations

Alabama businesses have a growing need for experienced security services. If you are losing profits to shoplifters or suspect a dishonest employee, give us a call. At Track-N-Trace Investigations, we are proud of our attention to detail and unwavering dedication to your business. Let us prove that we provide the best loss prevention services in Alabama. Don’t continue to let your profits walk out the door. Call us for a free consultation.

Need someone watched? Don’t rely on cameras alone. Let us monitor them for you. At Track-N-Trace Investigations, we gather the proof so you can prevail.

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