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Picking the Right GPS Tracker

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How to Choose a GPS Tracker

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GPS trackers are a boon to investigations. However, it’s important to pick the right one for your case. The wrong one may give you incorrect information, die frequently or fail to hold a signal. When choosing the right GPS tracker, here are a few important things to look out for.

Passive vs Active GPS Trackers

One of the first big decisions you will have to make is whether or not your GPS tracker should report its own data, or if you would prefer one that requires the data to be manually downloaded. Passive trackers have three major advantages over active ones. They are cheapper, have much longer battery life and do not require an expensive 2G link. However, retrieving the data contained on them requires removing them from the vehicle in question and downloading the data using a computer. This is not always possible, and prevents the retrieved data from ever being fully up to date.

Build Quality

Build quality is another important thing to look out for when choosing a GPS tracker. These devices are most commonly mounted on the underside of a car. This is a particularly hostile environment for electronic components. Between the heat of the exhaust and the unforgiving asphalt below, it’s essential that your tracker can withstand the elements.

How Long Does a GPS Tracker Battery Last?

The next important factor is the battery life of the unit in question. How long a charge lasts is one of the most important factors for separating out the wheat from the chaff. From the standpoint of a cheating spouse investigation, installing and removing GPS trackers is dangerous. Being so close to the vehicle in question opens you up to being caught. A long battery life limits the amount of times you’ll have to get close.

Our rental GPS trackers have an average life span of about two weeks. This provides a wide span of time in which data is collected. Additionally, this long lifespan provides ample time to plan out and execute a swap.

Reporting Features

GPS trackers aren’t useful unless you’re able to pull useful information from the data collected. It’s not enough to simply see the tracker’s location at any given time. Having to constantly check the software for any movement is a burden, but one that can be avoided.

Higher-end GPS tracking software includes advanced report generation and geofencing support. it has the ability to produce reports regarding where the vehicle stopped as well as all of the addresses it visited. Its geofencing provides automatic notifications via email when the vehicle leaves a predefined area.

Ping Intervals

Closely linked to a data plan and battery life is the interval between reports up the cloud. Each time the tracker reports back to the server, it eats both data as well as precious battery life. Slower intervals may see up to three minutes in between reports back to the server. While this means that there is lag between what you see on the screen and where the device is located, this difference is often minimal. In cases where more pertinent information is required, this interval is configurable down to around 15 seconds.

GPS Trackers in Alabama

There are many situations in which GPS tracking may be warranted. Provided that the appropriate vehicle tracking laws are followed, these high-tech tools may provide the truth you are searching for.


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