Is it legal to hire a private investigator to follow someone?

It is legal to hire a private investigator to follow someone. The key benefit to hiring a private investigator to do so is that they dedicate a much larger portion of time to the surveillance than you can. Additionally, they are skilled in managing the stress of surveillance. If it comes to it, they can also perform process service on your behalf.

Can you hire a private investigator to find out if someone is cheating?

Absolutely! A private investigator is the ideal way to determine if a spouse is being unfaithful. Our team provides all of the essential services to do so. We can perform GPS tracking, skip tracing and process service. Our experience in the field means that you will have the best chance of digging up the evidence you need.

Is Hiring a Private Investigator Harassment?

Not at all! Private investigators are the ideal way to gather more evidence. The police only have so many resources to work criminal cases. A private investigator is your best bet to uncovering the truth in civil matters. Certain types of work such as infidelity cases fall outside of the police’s domain. In these instances, you either perform the surveillance yourself or alternatively, you hire a private investigator.

A private investigator is ideal for several reasons. For one, their entire job is to work cases such as these. As a result, they have much more time to dedicate than the average person. Additionally, they work with much less regulations than the police do. This allows them to get creative in how they do their job.

Can a PI Bug Your House?

It depends. Private investigators cannot bug buildings at random. The person requesting the bugging must have legal ownership over the residence to be bugged. For example, you can bug your own house. This would be useful for an infidelity investigation. You could also bug your business. This would be useful for catching dishonest employees in the act. However, you cannot legally bug the house of a romantic interest or ex. Additionally, there are certain rooms where people expect a reasonable degree of private. These cannot be bugged at all. This would include bedrooms and bathrooms.

What Can A Private Investigator Do and Not Do?

Private investigators are not members of law enforcement.  Therefore, they can not obtain search warrants nor can they make arrests.  The real benefit of our team is in their dedication and the free form methods they use during investigations.  Our work is more than just checking a box.  Private investigators perform investigations much like the police.  However, they have much more freedom in how they do so.  They can perform detailed surveillance and delve into a target’s habits and lifestyle to dig up clues.  Additionally, they can perform GPS tracking and can be hired on to find missing persons.


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